The Laboz (Not Toussie) Fence

January 2, 2009


  The New York Times may have inaccurately reported on Dec. 26, that the chain link fence in Manhattan Beach was constructed by Robert Toussie, whose son Isaac, was pardoned and then unpardoned by President George W. Bush two weeks ago.

However, an investigation by the Brooklyn View learned that it was not Toussie who built the fence. It was Jack Laboz.

Issac Toussie’s pardon was reversed by President Bush after it was revealed his family donated big bucks to the Republican Party.


Sheepshead Bay Cabbie Dies

January 2, 2009


   A 24-year-old livery cab driver succumbed to injuries after being shot in the head by two men who had just robbed a cell phone store in Sheepshead Bay, according to police. This shooting marked the first of two murders this week involving area cab drivers.  Another cabbie was shot in the stomach early New Years Day.

   According to the Times, one arrest has been made in the first case.

Plumb Beach Bike Path No Plumb

December 23, 2008


From the left, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, Congressman Weiner and Barry Sullivan, general superintendent of Gateway National Recreation Area.

From the left, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, Congressman Weiner and Barry Sullivan, general superintendent of Gateway National Recreation Area.

 The bike path the runs along the Belt Parkway near Plumb Beach is hanging on by a thread. Community leaders say one powerful storm would compromise the integrity of the structure. At which point, the entire eastbound section of the Parkway may be compromised.

Congressman Anthony Weiner visited the site last week before leaving on a trip to Iraq to visit U.S. troops. He called on the City Parks Department to outline a plan by mid-January on what steps they’re proposing to address the problem. He also requested that the National Park Service submit suggestions on how best to transport sand in an eco-friendly way and asked the community to offer their suggestions on what they’d like to see happen.    — ELMER HASSAN


Congressman Weiner Visits Troops

December 23, 2008

lawrence-of-arabia-dvd     Congressman Anthony Weiner visited troops in Iraq this past weekend. He said the situation on the ground was improving. “The troops are safer, but far from safe.”

Man Living on Boat in Sheepshead Bay Gets Evicted

December 5, 2008

dscn0185  A man is living on this boat moored in Sheepshead Bay. he has been told by the New York Parks Department to get out because he does not have the proper permits.

Brooklyn Vs. Domestic Violence

December 5, 2008

domestic_violence6_1  Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, sponsored a domestic violence symposium last week.The number of domestic violence cases in recent years has risen, said the DA. In south Brooklyn, Canarsie and Flatlands had the most domestic violence arrests, with 695 in 2007. Bensonhurst had the least, at 383 arrests. Hynes has been a strong supporter of victims of domestic violence, because his mother was abused.

Sheepshead Bay Service Changes

December 5, 2008

dscn0165   Commuters who take the south-bound Q-train to the Avenue U or Gravesend Neck Road station better invest in a new pair of sneakers. There are service changes.