The Laboz (Not Toussie) Fence

January 2, 2009


  The New York Times may have inaccurately reported on Dec. 26, that the chain link fence in Manhattan Beach was constructed by Robert Toussie, whose son Isaac, was pardoned and then unpardoned by President George W. Bush two weeks ago.

However, an investigation by the Brooklyn View learned that it was not Toussie who built the fence. It was Jack Laboz.

Issac Toussie’s pardon was reversed by President Bush after it was revealed his family donated big bucks to the Republican Party.


Brooklyn Vs. Domestic Violence

December 5, 2008

domestic_violence6_1  Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, sponsored a domestic violence symposium last week.The number of domestic violence cases in recent years has risen, said the DA. In south Brooklyn, Canarsie and Flatlands had the most domestic violence arrests, with 695 in 2007. Bensonhurst had the least, at 383 arrests. Hynes has been a strong supporter of victims of domestic violence, because his mother was abused.

How I got the Manhattan Beach Light

November 26, 2008

nelson    Councilman Mike Nelson responds to recent article that ran in the View. He says it is the role of the mayor or city council member to put up new traffic lights.

Manhattan Beach Street Gets Light

November 21, 2008


The DOT has finally agreed with members of the Manhattan Beach community to install a traffic light at the corner of Oriental Blvd. and Irwin St. (Read the story here.) This comes after a student in the college was hit by a car and killed in May.