Coney Island Community Center Certified

January 7, 2009

communityctr    The Coney Island Community Center was certified on Jan. 7, by the Department of City Planning. It was a long time coming.


Coney Island Pastor Needs Help Feeding The Hungry

November 27, 2008


Times are hard at the Salt and Sea Mission, a food pantry in Coney Island. In the past year, food prices have increased so dramatically, the supply is running out. In 19 years, the 10 volunteers, a majority of whom were once homeless, have begun to turn clients away. Or resort to giving families of four a couple of cans of soup. Click HERE for the story.

Marty Forced To Hack Into Staff

November 14, 2008


The lovable BEEP, due to budget cuts, is forced to cut some of his large staff. This comes right before Marty got the green light from the mayor to run for a third term. Some newspapers across the city have been criticizing the job functions the office wields. Calling it a “fluff position.”

Starbucks Navigates Bay

November 14, 2008

starbucks1     Sheepshead Bay has finally landed a Starbucks coffee shop . Later this month, Community Board 15 will decide whether or not to approve plans for a drive through. Click HERe  for other Starbucks locations.

Bay’s Big Rollers

November 14, 2008

dscn0143 Sheepshead Bay is a great place to start a business, reported Crain’s Business. Helen Pointer reports for the View  HERE.

Price Fall After Sunrise

November 5, 2008

Just this morning on Avenue L, where the corner gas station lowered the price on premium gasoline from $3.08 per gallon to $2.97, the price sign was changed, number by number, with a thirty foot long pole by a lone station manager piercing the Brooklyn autumn sky. 

The sun, just then peering through low clouds, seemed to applaud that particular economic indicator as the acrylic “3” disappeared, perhaps forever, into the shadows of its storage bin. 

The plunge in gasoline prices would have overtaken the slice of pizza served for lunch on Avenue K, but the counter sign illuminated that same sun reflected its price had gone down, too, to $2.50.

Thunderstruck by the twin financial market crisis and commodity volatility that struck us all this year, we may miss signs, economic and non-economic, that stability tends to return. 

It is no news that tree leaves change color, fall, and eventually regrow.  So, too, prices change, up, down, and sideways.

The sun over Avenue L will slide like the market, and then slouch below the western horizon. 

And then it will rise. — Lee Nigen, Acting Publisher 

For Marine Park, This Election, Mum’s the Word

November 5, 2008

This year, Marine Park had very few McCain or Obama signs. Some people did not want to seem unneighborly, others couldn’t find where to get McCain posters. Read HERE.